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Publications requiring high resolution photographs please contact Lee Wilkinson Multimedia.

Before sending any request, please read the notes at the bottom of the page, any message ignoring these notes will again be deleted without reply.

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  1. If this is an individual's request for Rick to play at a particular venue, it will not be answered.
  2. Any proposals for Rick to play must meet a set of criteria which will be supplied on request. Apart from meeting the necessary financial amounts, certain guarantees will also be required. We generally only respond to properly costed proposals.
  3. Requests for financial donations, or sponsorship will not be answered as Rick makes his own generous charitable contributions throughout the year.
  4. Charities, or anyone working on behalf of charities are requested to read Rick's post on his charitable commitments first.
  5. We cannot supply press or photo passes for events. For these requests, please contact the venue directly.
  6. Any questions or enquiries about products or orders placed at Wakeman's Music Emporium must be directed to the store itself through its website. We cannot answer queries related to the store.